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The competence of IQ evolution is based on many years of experience in the field of Selective Laser Melting and Thermal Management. Depending on the solution requirements, a variety of metals and metal alloys can be used for the materials. Depending on the requirements – e.g. temperature resistance, thermal conductivity and cooling capacity, thermal expansion or electrical conductivity – suitable materials can be used. If necessary, special alloys can also be used or newly developed. Hybrid components composed of several materials can also be produced.
Depending on the material, wall thicknesses from approx. 60 µm upwards are generally possible. The usual processes are available for surface finishing and metallization. Especially in the field of thermal management, optimizations in flow control, microstructures and material properties are of central importance to meet product requirements. In these areas and especially in the combination of complex 3D metal components and thermal management, IQ evolution has a high degree of experience from a large number of products and development projects.

IQ evolution has specific knowledge in the field of complex 3D components and the optimisation of cooling properties in demanding environments such as power electronics.

Development of new products based on 3D metal printing

With our work, we pursue the goal of finding advanced solutions together with our customers and supporting them in the implementation of innovative products with the Laser Powder Bed Fusion (LPBF) technology. Our competencies focus on laser 3D printing of metal powders, flow control and thermal management. We offer the joint implementation of individual layouts into production-ready samples and prototypes and finally the serial production of the new products.

In addition to Selective Laser Melting and the classic manufacturing processes, other generative manufacturing processes such as laser cladding and laser coating are incorporated into the development and design of the products. Possible areas of application are lightweight construction, medical technology, the construction of multi-component products as well as the cooling of LEDs, lasers, power electronics and of mechanical components (including tools) that are subject to high thermal stress.

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Customized projects

We carry out joint projects with our customers to develop new products and solutions and support the individual process steps of design, development, testing and production of components with additive manufacturing – especially with the laser powder bed fusion.

This is how a typical customized project proceeds in detail:

  1. Description ans optimization of the task
  • Requirement profile customer request

  • Joint optimisation of requirements

  • Material selection

  • Geometry definitions

  • Construction (through IQ evolution)

2. Construction and testing of prototypes and functional models

  • Selection of material- and construction-specific construction parameters

  • Construction of the blanks with Selective Laser Melting

  • Mechanical processing steps

  • Coating or application of ceramics or other substrates

3. Testing and start of series production

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